Hi everyone,

I’m doing the Great Manchester 10km Run on 20th May. I am running for the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, Mind.

Please visit my fundraising page and if you can, sponsor me anything. I’m greateful for any amount you can give.

Thanks 🙂


It’s been a while


Hi everyone,

I’ve not posted in a while and I do intend to continue posting reviews but I want to come back at full blast rather than post one and then none for ages (sort of like this post actually, whoops) but I just want to let you all know that I will be back. Not sure when but it shouldn’t be too long.

Here is a nail design I did the other day though, water marble!


Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Maxfactor Colour Perfection


Reading back my old review for this, I’m really questioning why the heck I’m not using it!

I’m still using the Bourjois one that is in another review, which apparently doesn’t work as well as this one. I definately need to buy this again. Now I think about it… I don’t actually think I have this one in black! I have it in a light blue colour. That makes sense now 🙂

I’m definately going to buy this soon and see if it works as well as I said it did a while ago haha.

Yes To Carrots!


I got this set of Yes To Carrots products but I’m just going to be reviewing the gentle exfoliating facial cleanser today and I’ll briefly talk about the moisturiser too. (the products to the left of the photo).

I don’t really have many problems with my skin. My skin type is sensitive with an oily chin but at the moment it’s sensitive/dry so I needed a face cleanser that still scrubbed my dead skin off but didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Voila! Yes To Carrots. My mum bought the set for me as a gift and I was quite intrigued as to what this product would be like. I get one or two spots every so often but since using this face wash (and the moisturiser) I think I’ve seen one in two months which is quite nice. My skin is still dry but the moisturiser sorts that out.

The products don’t really have a smell to them at all I don’t think. If anything, just slightly sweet but that’s it. It is definately a gentle exfoliator. When I first used it I thought I’d come out of the shower and my face would feel no different, I felt quite disappointed with it. But then when I got out and felt my face, it felt so soft and smooth. I don’t often find gentle exfoliators that work for me. I usually scrub with exfoloiating gloves before I am happy, which actually isn’t good for my sensitive skin… Whoops!

ANYWAY, I’m very impressed with this facial cleanser and I would be happy to buy it again.

For a 100ml tube of the cleanser from Asos it’s £9.99 which is quite a lot but the results are good so it’s worth it 🙂 I’ve found a replacement to the previous scrub I was so loyal to before (Soap and Glory’s Scrub Your Nose In It). This is much nicer to my skin and doesn’t dry it out.

Yes to carrots INDEED!

L’oreal Elvive Conditioner


This is L’oreal Elvive Damage Care Repairing Conditioner. I did a review a long while ago for the leave-in conditioner and it features in the ‘top products under £10’ category. This conditioner will too.

This is just a normal use conditioner but it makes my hair feel so soft. I don’t always buy shampoos and conditioners in a pair because I don’t think they work better but after having the leave-in conditioner for a while and recieving this conditioner as a gift, I went out the other day to buy the shampoo so that I can use the whole range together (Will update another time about the shampoo as yet to try).

It really did make my hair feel insanely soft and in SUCH good condition considering it’s long and bleached. Just wow. I’m definately going to buy this range of products again and again.

When looking for the price online, both Boots and Superdrug don’t have it on their websites. The other conditioners for L’oreal Elvive are around £3.79 for 400ml though so that’s an idea for you and at the moment in Boots they’re half price. I got my 400ml shampoo for less than the 250ml costs. I’d definately recommend this range of products for people who feel like their hair is dry and damaged. It’s fantastic!

Mavala Matte Top Coat


This is the ‘Mavala color-matt top coat‘ which provides a velvety matt finish to any nail colour. This is said to be a fast drying top coat which gives a barrier against chipping and peeling nail polish.

I did enjoy trying this product out and will use it a lot in the future. I put it on top of my nail polish like I do with my usual top coat and it didn’t go on really smoothly unless I had waited a little longer than usual before applying the top coat. It doesn’t dry insanely fast but you can watch the effect happening as it dries slightly, however it doesn’t become dry and strong quickly.

The effect is pretty cool but I’m not sure I like it for normal use. It feels like it ‘cheapens’ the look of my polishes. I will definately use it in my nail art attempts though and in the photo with the pink polish you can see I did a french polish type effect with the matt coat along the top of my nail.

It can be bought from Amazon for about £10 which is a lot but it’s a really cool effect.

Max Factor


This is Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in English Rose which is shade 510. It is said to contain a 60% blend of skin emollients, conditioners and antioxidants which include vitamin E.

This colour is a nice subtle pink with a bit of shine. The three photo’s of my lips show how the colour intensity changes with how many layers I put on. The first is just one layer, second is two and third is three.

I don’t think it moisturises as well as a good lip balm but I use this on top of a lip balm. Once the balm has absorbed a bit, I then put on the lipstick which stops the colour sticking in the small cracks of my lips and making them look more chapped than they are.

I do really like this colour for day to day wear but for a night time look I would use a red, especially as I know I can choose how deep I want the colour to be. This is definately a lipstick I’d buy and at £7.99, it’s fairly affordable considering how long it’ll last :)!