Witch concealer


Witch concealer is a concealer stick but has some sort of witch hazel extract to help get rid of spots as well as covering them. I’d read good reviews about it and needed something good so I bought it at £3.50 from Asda.

I put it on with no base or prep. and it covered a lovely shiny, red under the skin spot to almost gone. It definately faded it a lot. I wasn’t expecting it to disappear but it did a fine job of helping to make it look not so volcanic and dangerous!

I don’t wear foundation over my whole face but I also applied it with a bit of foundation over the top and that helps too. It’s a great product to use with or without foundation for extra coverage.

I have slightly dry skin and I’ve found it goes on a lot better if I’ve put some face moisturiser on first. It looks a little less cakey.



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