Sally Hansen Instant Nail Hardener


Since I’m not allowed fancy nails for my course I had to remove my gel nails which I did with pure acetone and a 180 grit nail file. It didn’t work as well as I thought it would and although the gel nails came off… I accidentally filed away a lot of my own nail plate. Most of them got luck escapes and are barely damaged whereas two or three are ruined. They just look poo. I’ve never felt sorry for nails before but I do now.

So anyway I’ve been using Sally Hansen Diamond Strenth Instant Nail Hardener to try to protect them while they’re growing out and hopefully back to normal. It’s a great product. SO runny. It’s clear and goes on great. I’ve been putting on 3 coats because I’m protecting my poor nails as well as I can. But 1 coat would be sufficient for a normal basic nail protector I reckon. Once mine start growing out I won’t be putting so much on.

On one of the nails the nail plate was so sore to press on and almost as thin as my normal skin (AWFUL feeling) but after I put 3 coats of the nail hardener on it felt much better. Not like a normal healthy nail but much less tender.

So yeah, I’d definately recommend it! I’ll happily buy it again once I’ve used this bottle.

It’s not really quick drying time once there’s more than one coat on but it’s fairly good.

It retails at about £8 or £9 so it’s not cheap but I think it’s worth it.




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