Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes


Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara is great. It’s in great packaging with a cute pattern.

The actual mascara is fantastic. It goes on easily and doesn’t clump. I usually put 2 coats on after curling my lashes and it gives me a great look. I’d do 3 coats for going out to make my lashes even thicker. It gives them great length too. It lasts all day without flaking and doesn’t run down my face if it rains even though it isn’t (to my knowledge) waterproof.

My boyfriend didn’t even realise the name of the mascara and when I first put it on and asked him how it looked he said I look like I have doll eyes. Pretty successful I reckon!

It retails at about £20 so it isn’t cheap. I would definately buy it again if I could afford that and I’ll certainly be gutted once I run out of it. It is a great product. Absolutely my favourite mascara so far.


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