Bio-oil is the most amazing thing for scars and stretch marks. It reduces scars greatly. I’ve never had the experience of trying it with stretch marks but I’m going to focus on the scars.

Firstly the smell… It has a bit of an odd smell but I like it. Not sure how to describe it. But it doesn’t smell bad. Maybe a bit like some incense so not a smell you would think is necessarily gross to have on your skin.

It has the consistency of thick water really. Or a really thin gel. More of a thick water. It doesn’t flood out of the bottle either which is really good but not much is needed either. It rubs in really nicely and it’s nothing damaging for any spare to be wiped on other skin.

It doesn’t help scars straight away, it needs some decent use. I used it twice a day for about 2 months and I noticed that it had helped the scars fade a lot. If I still used it they’d probably look even less visible but I got lazy with it.

It’s not something you can apply once every few days or once a week and expect results in 2 weeks. It’s something that needs to become a routine for a while.

It retails from about £9 for the 60ml bottle, to around £14 for the 125ml bottle and about £18 for the 200ml bottle. I wish I didn’t spend money on the biggest bottle now though because of how little actually gets used. I would probably buy the smallest if I ever had to replace mine… which is unlikely.

Overall a fantastic product though.



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