Toni and Guy Protein Protect Mist


Tony and Guy Protein Protect Mist is a great heat protection product. I don’t think my hair has ever felt so good after straightening it.

Firstly it smells nice which is great because the smell sticks in my hair all day. It’s lovely!

The spray makes an easy application onto hair.

The product stops the straighteners from dragging through my hair and I guess it helps prevent heat damage. Also my hair feels so soft afterwards.

I have damaged hair from bleaching it but this product helps me forget the damage. It’s good to put on my hair to help it feel a little stronger even though you’d probably think straightening it would make it feel more damaged and straw-like.

I can’t find this product to get the pricing but I’m sat here hoping it hasn’t been discontinued because I would buy this again and again.


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  1. I like the sound of this product and will try it out if I can find it. Perhaps you could let us know where it can be found?

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