Need everyone’s opinion :)


Since I do write this blog for the readers I want to know what YOU want to see more of. I’ll do what I can to increase the topic that has the most votes aswell as keeping a good variety on most posts. This might mean 2 posts on the same topic but different product (of course) each week rather than me trying to completely change the product and type each day as much as I can. I’ll take all votes into account and if only 1 person votes for a certain type, doesn’t mean you’ll never see this type posted again. It just means you might not see it as much for a bit while I try to up the posts on the winning topic.

The poll is open forever so if the amount of votes change then that’ll be reflected in the posts 🙂


UPDATE: The poll is now on the sidebar! Check it out!


About joelyroely

I'm at college doing a beauty therapy course. I have A-levels but no GCSE's. I'm working on it though. I'm a bit backwards y'see. I like piercings, tattoos, doing nail stuff and apparently I'm good at creative writing :)

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  1. Even though this is a blog aimed at primarily women and metrosexuals, I have voted shampoo, as if there’s one thing I look forward to in the shower, it’s washing my hair 😀

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