Simple Eye Makeup Corrector


Simple Kind to Eyes, Eye Makeup Corrector is a makeup remover pen. It has a fine point for easy corrections of eyeliner that might have been a bit too thick or you smudged a bit.

The first time I used this product I thought it was great. It removed the bits I needed and it did help with the pointed tip for very small corrections. As I’ve been using it more it doesn’t really do anything anymore. It smudges a bit as the point is now stained with the other products from before. Even though it’s supposed to be cleaned with a face wipe after each use. It doesn’t get rid of all the makeup, it just soaks deeper into the pen.

It feels like a waste of money because you have to wipe it with a face wipe after each use. So I don’t actually save by not buying makeup remover wipes… I still have to use them to clean the pen. I’m not keen on that and I can remove my makeup easily enough with the wipes.

It retails at £4.99 so it’s not over-priced but I think I’ll stick with face wipes.



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