Blistex Relief Cream


Blistex Relief Cream is a medicated lip cream for cracked, chapped, sore lips and occasional cold sores. This product used to be called ‘Blisteze’ which may help some of you know which product I’m talking about.

The subtitle of this product is ‘healing’ and it’s true to its name.

It’s a great product for chapped lips and it soothes them quickly and sets about healing and smoothing them just as fast. It has a minty fresh smell and has a cooling tingly sensation which feels nice but it can cause irritation so be careful when you use it.

This product really is a nice fix for sore lips but it also helps keep them from getting chapped in the first place. But I don’t use this a lot during the day. I use this once a day at most. I use other lip care products for regular applications.

RRP of this product is £2.85 which is a good price considering how well the product works to heal and care for sore and chapped lips.


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    • Hi Scope,

      If you are referring to this specific product then yes it contains chemicals but the job it does is great. There are many products that contain varying amounts of chemicals including some that may contain none. I, however feel that if it works for me and isn’t too harsh on nature (animals, plants, environment) then I’m happy to use it.
      My blog is here to give an opinion on beauty products and didn’t you say yourself “Anyway, which diary writer writes to make everyone happy?”
      I’m writing because it makes me happy and hopefully it’ll make other people happy too but I understand that it can’t please everyone 🙂

    • I am not unhappy. Actually, I am exploring cyberspace for all sort of ideas to blog. I myself am running out of ideas to ‘fool around’. LOL~

      I don’t find anything wrong with your blog. I just read about you at the WordPress forum and hence dropped by and saw so many products… You used all of them?

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