Johnsons Eye-Makeup Remover


Johnsons Face Care Daily Essentials Eye-Makeup Remover is aimed at all skin types which is great to know for if my skin type changes then I don’t have to worry about changing my makeup remover.

This product needs to be shaken before use. As you can see in the picture it separates. It seems to separate quite fast after shaking too so if you’re taking a while to take your eye makeup off then you may need to shake it once or twice. It takes eye makeup off really well and it doesn’t take ages to do so. My eyelids and under my eyes feel a little greasy and oily afterwards but a quick application of a toner or just a wipe over with a bit of tissue sorts that out.

It is a great product though and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve bought it more than once and I’ve never had any reason to switch to a different product or brand.

It retails at £3.15 which is great and it doesn’t run out quickly either, so it doesn’t need to be replaced too often.


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