Blistex Lip Brilliance


Blistex Lip Brilliance is a great new lip balm with silk extracts to condition lips with a hint of colour and shimmer to make them look great. It also contains ‘hyaluronic filling spheres’ which provide a natural fuller lip effect. It has the addition of SPF 15 to help prevent sun damage too.

The one-word subtitle for this product is ‘blushing’.

This product glides on and makes lips feel softer straight away. The shimmer looks nice and isn’t ‘in-your-face’. It’s a nice subtle addition to a normal lip balm. The lip balm keeps my lips feeling soft for an hour or two so I reapply a few times during the day, which isn’t a problem because it keeps my lips feeling great.

This lip balm smells nice too. It smells like sweet strawberries and I every so often catch a whiff of it and it’s lovely.

RRP of this product is £2.49 which is a great price for lip protection with an added hint of colour and shimmer.



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  1. I think I need this, my lips are getting so dry in the cold weather.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog – I’m not sure if I have any tips on getting your blog more well known but commenting on others blogs, Tweeting and just engaging with your followers is a good way to start 🙂 x

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