Blistex Lip Massage


Blistex Lip Massage is a thick product which contains ingredients such as shea butter which is to condition lips, squalane which is to soften and protect and aloe vera which is soothing.

It has a ridged tip for application which is there to massage the lips as you apply the product. It contains SPF 15 to help prevent sun damage too.

The subtitle of this product is ‘smoothing’.

This product has a bit of a sweet smell to it which is subtle but nice. It applies nicely but I tend not to use the massaging tip because I don’t feel it does much other than collect product on the tip as it’s moving even though the ridges are horizontal.

The actual product is good though. It makes my lips feel soft and smooth and as the product is thicker than others it seems to take a while to absorb fully which means I don’t have to reapply loads to feel the softening effect. When it does soak in fully my lips do feel smoother and in good condition.

The RRP of this product is £2.54 which is a good price for the effect the product has.


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