Collection 2000 Hot Looks


This is Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail colour in ‘siren’. It’s a hot pink colour with a great shimmer to it and claims to be a fast dry.

I first applied a base coat (Collection 2000 2-in-1 base coat with ridge filler and keratin) then 2 coats of the colour. There is no top coat on this and it lasts quite well. I got 3 days out of it without it chipping.

The brush is a good size for only needing to do 3 stripes to cover the nail. Centre-side-side. It gives an even and smooth finish.

The ‘fast dry’ claim is pretty spot on. By the time I got to my little finger on my right hand the other hand’s fingers were dry for the second coat. The second coat didn’t take long to dry either. After about 2 minutes I could go do something else.

I’m not sure how long it would last if you had a pretty manual job but I like to change mine every couple of days anyway so the 3 days without chipping was perfect for me.

It’s £1.79 for 8ml which is decent 🙂


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    • Fast dry colours are great. Especially when the second coat takes a short time to dry too. I agree about never having too many shades of pink. There will be plenty more to come 🙂 every second day, the posts will be nail based 🙂

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