Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes


This is Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection shampoo and conditioner which is part of their repair range that has three levels. Level three (this one) is the one for the most damaged hair on the scale.

I picked this sample sachet up at a student gathering and was really looking forward to trying it as I always love things that say they’ll help damaged hair.

It smells absolutely delicious. I think it’s like strawberries but not sure. It’s fruity and yummy. But that’s the best point unfortunately.

The shampoo made my hair feel slightly better when I rinsed it but as I was rinsing the conditioner, my hair felt just the same as it normally does. Then I allowed it to dry naturally as usual then brushed it and my hair was just the same to brush through and still felt dry.

For a product that is supposed to give a ‘moisture overhaul’ I’m pretty disappointed. Maybe if you don’t have badly damaged hair it’d work better but it definately didn’t work for me. Smells gorgeous though!

For a 250ml bottle of the shampoo it’s about £3 and for a 200ml bottle of conditioner it’s about £11.15. I wouldn’t buy it again because although it smelt awesome, the effect on my hair isn’t what I’d expect for the price.


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