Soap and Glory Sugar Crush


Soap and Glory Sugar Crush is a body exfoliator with brown sugar and macadamia grains. It has a refreshing lime and sweet smell which is tempting to eat (but don’t!).

I dip into the pot quite a few times while using it because it doesn’t spread very well. It just sort of sits. If I add more water then it spreads a bit easier but still not much. It has no lather.

It really scrubs though. It feels like a harsher scrub rather than a gentle exfoliant. Which for some is good but others not so good. For me though, I love it. It makes my skin feel a lot smoother and softer.

Washing the scrub off is a pain. It takes a while to get all of the grains off. They’re stubborn and tend to need to be directly sprayed onto with the shower head to get them all off rather than letting the water just run off with them.

It does feel like a luxurious product because of the smell and it’s a fairly big tub so it does last a while even if you do have to use a fair amount for the whole body. But I mainly use it on my legs so it’s lasting me ages.

This product is £8 for a 300ml tub. This isn’t cheap but it’s a nice product to treat yourself to when you feel like pampering. Another good product from Soap and Glory.


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