BYS Crackle Effect


This is the other crackle effect nail enamel that I was talking about. Can you tell what I mean about the difference between different brands saying ‘crackle’?

This is BYS brand which I bought in Australia while I was on holiday. Their polishes are awesome and there are so many colours. I’d compare them to an Australian ‘Barry M’ because of the insane range of colours they have.



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  1. I actually like this one way better than Barry M’s version! It’s less obvious and a little more edgy.
    Thanks for the comments on my page btw =) You clearly love all things beauty, keep your posts coming!

    • @Morphanne- The BYS one isn’t available in any shops in the UK that I’ve been in šŸ˜¦

      @Smudgelove- Really? I love the Barry M one but I do like this one. I like them both. If I had to choose though it’d be the Barry M one.

      @Peas and cougars- I seem to be getting a lot more people liking the BYS one. I wonder what the reason is :)!

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