La Femme Beauty


This is La Femme Beauty nail enamel in ‘blackberry’. It doesn’t really look like a blackberry colour but it is a nice pink 😛

It goes on smoothly and the brush is a great size. It fits most of my nails in one stroke if I fan the brush out. For this colour I just used two coats and it dried fairly fast. Not speedy but not slow. This one lasted for a day but then I changed it so I’m not sure on the wear and tear of the product.

I bought it for £1 believe it or not! It’s a 15ml bottle so large for nail enamel. I got it from a shop called ‘Gorgeous’ which I don’t think is a chain. Although if you’re looking for them on the internet I found them on Amazon.

I’m not sure why these polishes are so cheap but they have an offer of 6 for £5 for I’ll definately be building up my colour collection with that sort of price!





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