Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry


Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry is a cherry lip balm with SPF 15.

I use lots of lip balms and I love trying out new ones, but this one hasn’t impressed me in the moisturising way. I would call it more a lip gloss than a balm. Balm would infer it’s caring for your lips and I tried this one its own as a balm and it coated my lips but never absorbed and didn’t make my lips feel softer.

However if I was to review it as a lip gloss I’d give it a good score. It smells absolutely GORGEOUS (cherry is my favourite smell) and it isn’t a sticky gloss but it doesn’t absorb so it stays on a fair while.

I have lip balms EVERYWHERE (in my jacket, in my coat, on my bedside table, in my makeup bag, in my handbag etc.) and this has made a nice nest next to my favourite ever lip balm. They go well together. One to actually make my lips feel moisturised and then this Anatomicals product to add a lovely smell and shine to my lips.

It retails at around £2.49 which is pretty good. I’d most likely buy it again as a gloss.

Anatomicals is a pretty quirky brand… check out the paragraph on this lip gloss and I’ll have a few more reviews of their products coming up. All pictures will show their wonderfully funny, if not at times, insane little messages :)!


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