Vo5 Hot Oil


Vo5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil Treatment is a hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. The box comes with 4 tubes of the product. It’s supposed to moisturise hair and also protect it from future damage.

The directions say to put it on wet hair before shampooing and leave on for 1 minute. I did what the directions said and followed with shampoo and conditioner and my hair felt so soft when I let it dry. It shines and brushes through easily and doesn’t feel anywhere near as dry as it often does.

I don’t blowdry my hair and I rarely use curlers or straighteners. I just let it dry naturally. If you use electrical products on your hair you probably won’t notice as much softness as allowing it to dry naturally.

I have fairly long hair and I think one tube (15ml) was pushing it so next time I’ll use two tubes.

This retails at around £3.27 which I think is a fairly good price. I’ll be going through two tubes at a time though so I won’t buy it as regularly as I would if I only needed one tube per application.


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    • Yeah it’s frustrating. Especially with single-use sachets. At least with these there’s 4 bottles so you can use another if one isn’t sufficient but with single-use sachets it’s disappointing to get to the end with only having covered half of the lengths.

  1. I’ve wanted to try this for ages! Just one of those things I’ve never got around to buying, it’s not pretty and sparkly lol. I’ve got long hair too so I’m glad I’ve read this, when I eventually get around to buying it I’ll know to get 2 🙂 xx

    • Yeah it’s a pretty good product but I agree that the packaging doesn’t look fancy. But definately go for two tubes (theres 4 per box) so it’ll get you two applications for one box. :)! x

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