Boots Face Mask


Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask helps to remove blackheads and tighten pores to help prevent future breakouts.

The packet says to put a 1mm thick layer on face avoiding eye area and that it should dry within 10-15 minutes. I think I actually put thinner than 1mm on and it took around 20-30 minutes to dry well enough to peel most of it off. The parts on my cheeks just didn’t dry so I washed it off after half an hour.

My face didn’t feel refreshed nor did it get rid of any blackheads.

I’m not sure what it did for my skin, if anything. The only positive was the smell. It was quite a refreshing smell so it wasn’t rubbish to keep on for half an hour. Other than that I was really disappointed with it.

It’s only 99p for a sachet but I’ll try something different next time.


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