Girls with Attitude


Here’s a first for my blog. Lashes! Pretty pretty lashes!

These are Double Take Lily lashes by the brand Girls with Attitude which are a part of their ‘Vintage Rose Collection’

They’re double layer false lashes which helps them look thicker… I think. Well if it is for that reason then it works.

I have learned how to use false lashes at college but only used twice before this pair. They’re really easy to use. I figured out how it would be easiest to apply before I put the glue on them. I found that using two pairs of tweezers was best.

I put a layer of glue on and waited about 15 seconds and then I carefully applied them on my upper lash line (lucky for me I didn’t have to trim the length down but you may need to).

Unfortunately the timing couldn’t be tested with the left eye because I watched an AWESOME film that resulted in lots of tears streaming out of my eyes so it un-stickied the glue on the left eye so I took it off. I left the right eye on to see how long it would last and I left it on when I went to sleep and it survived the night. When I woke up it was peeling off a tiiiny bit at the outer edge so I thought it best to take it off. I am impressed how it lasted though. Probably around 12 hours.

To re-use them just take off the excess glue from the lashes and put them back in the box for next time.

The only issue I had was that the two layers of lashes on one of the strips was seperating a bit. I solved this by just putting glue in between the layers to stick them back together. Simple.

It’s Β£5 for the pair and I really love them. I think they’re great for the money. You can buy them from the Girls with Attitude website as I can’t find them in my usual Boots or Superdrug.


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