The Body Shop Solid Perfume


I bought a load of Body Shop products the other day as I’ve not yet reviewed any of their products on here.

This is Love Etc. Solid Perfume which has notes of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. I don’t really understand the concept of ‘notes’ but it does smell nice! It’s a delicate smell and I’d probably describe it as floral and girly.

The solid perfume is in a small heart shaped tin which is cute :)! It’s easy to get some from the tin and is creamy in consistency. It absorbs easily and leaves a lovely smell in it’s place.

I wore it the other day and the smell lasted a fair while and I’ve used it again today and I can still smell it after three hours. I have it in my bag and I’d gladly reapply it throughout the day.

I love the idea of a solid perfume but I’ve looked on the Body Shop website and they don’t have any others which is a shame.

This is £5 and I would gladly buy it again. It’s also GREAT for a stocking filler this time of year. I love it. If only they had other scents…


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  1. I love solid perfumes. I had one from Avon and it lasted years, never smelled “off”…probably still got it around somewhere! *lol*

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