Boots Expert Shampoo


This is Boots Expert heat protection rich moisturising shampoo.

This shampoo lathers up fairly easily on my long hair but when I rinse it out it doesn’t feel like it’s all out. My hair doesn’t feel clean yet it stuck to my head like my hair does when it’s bleached dry. I wasn’t keen on how it felt in the shower but I conditioned my hair using a L’oreal conditioner which felt like it saved it again.

Once my hair had naturally dried it felt soft but I don’t know if it works as a heat protector because I don’t use electrical styling products at the moment due to my hair condition.

As far as ‘rich moisturising’ goes, I’m not keen on the result it gave. If it wasn’t for the L’oreal conditioner, it would have felt so dry.

It’s £2.03 for 300ml which is cheap but I don’t like the effect it had on my hair so I won’t be getting it again.


About joelyroely

I'm at college doing a beauty therapy course. I have A-levels but no GCSE's. I'm working on it though. I'm a bit backwards y'see. I like piercings, tattoos, doing nail stuff and apparently I'm good at creative writing :)

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