The Body Shop Tinted Lip Balm


Delipscious tinted lip balm is available in four different colours; peach crush, watermelon crush, berry crush and papaya crush. I bought mine in watermelon crush which is a pink colour.

It smells like watermelon (funnily enough) and isn’t overpowering.

This product is supposed to add a subtle hint of colour which is a nice thought when it works the way it should.

I don’t really have chapped lips because I wear so much lip balm but using this tinted lip balm it showed all the cracks in my lips. It looked awful. I think I need to drench my lips in a different lip balm before I use this again to make sure there’s an insanely smooth surface for the colour to sit on.

If it worked how it’s supposed to then it would be an awesome product.

At £8.00 per lip balm I won’t be buying it again. I will just use a normal lip balm and then apply a lip stain which is what I normally do. Pretty disappointed with this product actually, especially for the price.


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