Changes to the blog


Hi all,

I’ve completed over two months of posting a review every single day (minus one day) and if you can count then that’s a lot of products!

As you can probably imagine, I’m beginning to run out of products but I want to keep posting as regularly as possible. So I’m no longer going to be posting one review each day. I intend to post a few times a week still. Two or three times a week which will give me a chance to still have products to review for you all.

ALSO. I’ll be making a website over Christmas which will hopefully be ready around New Year. So make sure to keep a look out for the post that tells you more!

I’m glad I’ve got a regular batch of readers and I enjoy reading and replying to your comments and hearing your feedback and opinions so keep at it everyone! :)!

I’ll be posting Christmas nail art soon as well :D! I’ll try to get some winter themed products to review for you too.

I may be posting a little less but the standard won’t change and I’ll try my best to keep things interesting!

Thanks for the support to everyone so far!



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