The Body Shop Lip Butter


This is The Body Shop lip butter in pink grapefruit. Other scents are; coconut, mango, sweet lemon and shea.

It smells so insanely edible, it’s awesome. It actually contain pink grapefruit seed oil which is probably why it smells so good. It’s quite a refreshing smell which lasts a while too and it’s nice to get a whiff of it every so often.

The texture is quite creamy and thick but fairly easy to get enough out.

The description of this product on The Body Shop website is that it ‘melts onto lips’ and this is pretty much true. It applies really nicely and adds a nice shine to my lips without being sticky. After a couple of applications in a row, my lips are soft but it’s not too noticable after just one application. But with regular use it works and is great.

This is £4 which is more than I would usually pay for a lip product but it does work nicely and smells great so I would buy it again.


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels tempted to eat body butter. Probably fewer calories than your standard butter too.

    I take it you’re English judging by the fact that you use a weird symbol instead of a $ (dollar) sign. Do you guys have a place called “Lush” over there? It’s a lot of overly smelly bathing products. Seems right up your alley.

    • hahah yep, sometimes it’s a little too tempting 😛
      Yeah I’m english lol *weird symbol* We do have Lush, I actually reviewed a Lush bath bomb a while ago 😀 I prefer a shop called Boots which is just a toilletries shop. Arghhh, I love it! haha.

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