I recieved these Alterna products to try out and review. It came in a travel bag with a shampoo, conditioner, treatment oil and hairspray.

These products are from their Bamboo collection and the specific purpose for this set is for strong, smooth and frizz-free hair.

The treatment oil is said to be best for medium to thick hair as I’m guessing it’d be too heavy for thin hair. It can be used before washing hair or as a heat-protecting style product. I chose to use it as a treatment oil before washing my hair as my ends were insanely dry. It says to apply generously to dry hair and leave on for ten minutes and then wash hair as normal.

When I rinsed the oil off my hair I noticed straight away that my hair felt smoother. I followed the oil with their shampoo and conditioner and let my hair dry naturally.

Considering how dry my hair felt the day before, it improved the feel of it quite a lot, the ends of my hair felt less straw-like and the lengths were soft. Someone even asked me if I’d had my hair re-coloured. So it refreshed my hair to a noticable point which is nice :)!

These products use bamboo extract and kendi oil to help improve hair condition.

I used the hairspray a seperate time and it worked nicely. It kept my frizz down when my hair was tied back and lasted all day. It was also easy to brush out after too. Not sure about the humidity part as it’s not exactly humid here but it worked well enough as a normal hairspray.

I would definately buy the treatment oil for regular use but I’m not sure if I’d buy the shampoo and conditioner again as it’s fairly expensive but maybe I would treat myself to the products once in a while. I don’t use hairspray regularly enough to spend that amount on it but it is a good hairspray for those who use it often :)!

The RRPs are below:

250ml shampoo- £16.75

250ml conditioner-£16.75

50ml treatment oil- £19.75

250ml hairspray- £18.00


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