The Body Shop Body Butter


One of the Christmas products that The Body Shop is offering is the Spiced Vanilla Body Butter. It contains vanilla extract and Fair Trade cocoa butter.

It has a thick, smooth texture; definately like butter. I think it smells a little alcohol-y when you first put it on but then when it sinks in, it smells nice, however not like vanilla.

My hands felt the softest after using this product. My skin is going weirdly dry this winter for the first time so I’ll be using body moisturisers fairly often. My skin didn’t feel insanely soft but my hands did! Once the product absorbed it felt pretty good.

At full price I wouldn’t buy it. It’s £12.50 but I grabbed it when it was at half price. They’re also doing an offer at the shop near me where it’s £1 if you spend £12.50. Also on the site they’re selling the body butter and the shower gel for £12.50. So it’s difficult to want to buy it at full price since the constant offers show me it’s fairly over-priced usually.


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  1. Not sure I would like to smell like a Christmas air freshener anyway!

    If your skin is really dry I would suggest trying the Johnson’s Baby Oil option – always worked for me 😀

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