Tangle Teezer


I have heard great things about a product called a Tangle Teezer so I asked for one for Christmas and got one in a purple glittery colour. I was already expecting this hairbrush to be epic and I was definately not disappointed.

The brush’s teeth flex at the tangles rather than dragging through them.

I have quite long hair and it’s a medium thickness as well as being bleached so I am always looking for new ways to make my hair care routine better.

Usually when I brush my hair, there is so much hair left in the brush afterwards which genuinely makes me feel sorry for myself. I also NEVER used to brush my hair when I got out of the shower until it was bone dry.

I tried this brush on dry hair first and it made it feel smoother and took out the knots without leaving half my head of hair on the brush. I had to show my boyfriend the brush because I was so surprised at how LITTLE came out of my head.

I’ve also used this on wet hair and wowza! Honestly! It glides through so well. I brush my hair into a ponytail most days and I like the smooth look and this definately helps me out with that. I can’t stop stroking my hair it feels so good.

I have this brush for when I’m at my partner’s house but I am going to have to get one for my house and one for my bag too because going back home to my old hairbrush feels rubbish haha, I’m addicted! You can buy ones that have a cover so that they’re protected when you’re out and about.

Honestly the best hair brush I’ve ever owned and I will never buy any other. This is the most impressive beauty product I’ve ever bought/tried/reviewed etc. It’s absolutely AMAZING. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I will rave about this product to everyone I chat with. Arghhh.

There’s a fair few colours you can get and they cost about £10 from Boots.

Thanks to Tangle Teezer for sending me a photo to use.


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