Mavala Matte Top Coat


This is the ‘Mavala color-matt top coat‘ which provides a velvety matt finish to any nail colour. This is said to be a fast drying top coat which gives a barrier against chipping and peeling nail polish.

I did enjoy trying this product out and will use it a lot in the future. I put it on top of my nail polish like I do with my usual top coat and it didn’t go on really smoothly unless I had waited a little longer than usual before applying the top coat. It doesn’t dry insanely fast but you can watch the effect happening as it dries slightly, however it doesn’t become dry and strong quickly.

The effect is pretty cool but I’m not sure I like it for normal use. It feels like it ‘cheapens’ the look of my polishes. I will definately use it in my nail art attempts though and in the photo with the pink polish you can see I did a french polish type effect with the matt coat along the top of my nail.

It can be bought from Amazon for about £10 which is a lot but it’s a really cool effect.


About joelyroely

I'm at college doing a beauty therapy course. I have A-levels but no GCSE's. I'm working on it though. I'm a bit backwards y'see. I like piercings, tattoos, doing nail stuff and apparently I'm good at creative writing :)

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