L’oreal Elvive Conditioner


This is L’oreal Elvive Damage Care Repairing Conditioner. I did a review a long while ago for the leave-in conditioner and it features in the ‘top products under £10’ category. This conditioner will too.

This is just a normal use conditioner but it makes my hair feel so soft. I don’t always buy shampoos and conditioners in a pair because I don’t think they work better but after having the leave-in conditioner for a while and recieving this conditioner as a gift, I went out the other day to buy the shampoo so that I can use the whole range together (Will update another time about the shampoo as yet to try).

It really did make my hair feel insanely soft and in SUCH good condition considering it’s long and bleached. Just wow. I’m definately going to buy this range of products again and again.

When looking for the price online, both Boots and Superdrug don’t have it on their websites. The other conditioners for L’oreal Elvive are around £3.79 for 400ml though so that’s an idea for you and at the moment in Boots they’re half price. I got my 400ml shampoo for less than the 250ml costs. I’d definately recommend this range of products for people who feel like their hair is dry and damaged. It’s fantastic!


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  1. I use this conditioner and the shampoo as well – they’re really great! I moved from Pantene on the advice of every hairdresser I’ve ever been to and the difference is incredible with regards the condition of the ends of my hair.

    A really great product 😀

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