Yes To Carrots!


I got this set of Yes To Carrots products but I’m just going to be reviewing the gentle exfoliating facial cleanser today and I’ll briefly talk about the moisturiser too. (the products to the left of the photo).

I don’t really have many problems with my skin. My skin type is sensitive with an oily chin but at the moment it’s sensitive/dry so I needed a face cleanser that still scrubbed my dead skin off but didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Voila! Yes To Carrots. My mum bought the set for me as a gift and I was quite intrigued as to what this product would be like. I get one or two spots every so often but since using this face wash (and the moisturiser) I think I’ve seen one in two months which is quite nice. My skin is still dry but the moisturiser sorts that out.

The products don’t really have a smell to them at all I don’t think. If anything, just slightly sweet but that’s it. It is definately a gentle exfoliator. When I first used it I thought I’d come out of the shower and my face would feel no different, I felt quite disappointed with it. But then when I got out and felt my face, it felt so soft and smooth. I don’t often find gentle exfoliators that work for me. I usually scrub with exfoloiating gloves before I am happy, which actually isn’t good for my sensitive skin… Whoops!

ANYWAY, I’m very impressed with this facial cleanser and I would be happy to buy it again.

For a 100ml tube of the cleanser from Asos it’s £9.99 which is quite a lot but the results are good so it’s worth it 🙂 I’ve found a replacement to the previous scrub I was so loyal to before (Soap and Glory’s Scrub Your Nose In It). This is much nicer to my skin and doesn’t dry it out.

Yes to carrots INDEED!


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