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Maxfactor Colour Perfection


Reading back my old review for this, I’m really questioning why the heck I’m not using it!

I’m still using the Bourjois one that is in another review, which apparently doesn’t work as well as this one. I definately need to buy this again. Now I think about it… I don’t actually think I have this one in black! I have it in a light blue colour. That makes sense now 🙂

I’m definately going to buy this soon and see if it works as well as I said it did a while ago haha.


Girls with Attitude


Here’s a first for my blog. Lashes! Pretty pretty lashes!

These are Double Take Lily lashes by the brand Girls with Attitude which are a part of their ‘Vintage Rose Collection’

They’re double layer false lashes which helps them look thicker… I think. Well if it is for that reason then it works.

I have learned how to use false lashes at college but only used twice before this pair. They’re really easy to use. I figured out how it would be easiest to apply before I put the glue on them. I found that using two pairs of tweezers was best.

I put a layer of glue on and waited about 15 seconds and then I carefully applied them on my upper lash line (lucky for me I didn’t have to trim the length down but you may need to).

Unfortunately the timing couldn’t be tested with the left eye because I watched an AWESOME film that resulted in lots of tears streaming out of my eyes so it un-stickied the glue on the left eye so I took it off. I left the right eye on to see how long it would last and I left it on when I went to sleep and it survived the night. When I woke up it was peeling off a tiiiny bit at the outer edge so I thought it best to take it off. I am impressed how it lasted though. Probably around 12 hours.

To re-use them just take off the excess glue from the lashes and put them back in the box for next time.

The only issue I had was that the two layers of lashes on one of the strips was seperating a bit. I solved this by just putting glue in between the layers to stick them back together. Simple.

It’s £5 for the pair and I really love them. I think they’re great for the money. You can buy them from the Girls with Attitude website as I can’t find them in my usual Boots or Superdrug.

Johnsons Eye-Makeup Remover


Johnsons Face Care Daily Essentials Eye-Makeup Remover is aimed at all skin types which is great to know for if my skin type changes then I don’t have to worry about changing my makeup remover.

This product needs to be shaken before use. As you can see in the picture it separates. It seems to separate quite fast after shaking too so if you’re taking a while to take your eye makeup off then you may need to shake it once or twice. It takes eye makeup off really well and it doesn’t take ages to do so. My eyelids and under my eyes feel a little greasy and oily afterwards but a quick application of a toner or just a wipe over with a bit of tissue sorts that out.

It is a great product though and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve bought it more than once and I’ve never had any reason to switch to a different product or brand.

It retails at £3.15 which is great and it doesn’t run out quickly either, so it doesn’t need to be replaced too often.

Simple Eye Makeup Corrector


Simple Kind to Eyes, Eye Makeup Corrector is a makeup remover pen. It has a fine point for easy corrections of eyeliner that might have been a bit too thick or you smudged a bit.

The first time I used this product I thought it was great. It removed the bits I needed and it did help with the pointed tip for very small corrections. As I’ve been using it more it doesn’t really do anything anymore. It smudges a bit as the point is now stained with the other products from before. Even though it’s supposed to be cleaned with a face wipe after each use. It doesn’t get rid of all the makeup, it just soaks deeper into the pen.

It feels like a waste of money because you have to wipe it with a face wipe after each use. So I don’t actually save by not buying makeup remover wipes… I still have to use them to clean the pen. I’m not keen on that and I can remove my makeup easily enough with the wipes.

It retails at £4.99 so it’s not over-priced but I think I’ll stick with face wipes.


Soap and Glory Under Eye Moisturiser


Soap and Glory Super Eyes is a moisturising under eye gel. It’s a nice product and seems to have tiny bits of sparkly stuff in it which I’m guessing are what make your eyes look brighter as the light reflects off the shiny bits. It’s also supposed to reduce wrinkles in the under eye contours.

I haven’t seen much of a difference when I use it but it does feel softer so the moisturising part works but I’m unsure about the shiny bits and I don’t have wrinkles under my eyes anyway.. I just haven’t noticed that it makes any difference. Maybe this isn’t a product for younger people that don’t need any lines filling in.

Overall it’s not a product I consider essential and I wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.

It retails at around £9 but I’m not keen on spending that amount on this product again.


Bourjois Liner Stylo


Bourjois Liner Stylo is an eyeliner pencil. I have it in black and it goes on quite well at first. I use it on the waterline and it doesn’t stay on all day. It tends to smudge below my bottom lashes over the day so I usual reapply again through the day and if I was going out in the evening I’d reapply again. But I’ve not used it many times because it’s quite disappointing.

I used it on my upper lid to line my upper lashes and it stayed on there. It just didn’t stay on the waterline.

It retails for about £5.50 so I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s not the greatest.

Maxfactor Colour Perfection


Maxfactor Colour Perfection eyeliner is great! The sharpener on the end isn’t very good and clogs really easily but that’s the worst thing I can think of with it so it can’t be that bad!

I use it on my waterline and it stays on all day. It fades a little but it doesn’t smudge or anything. It goes on dark grey at first but after going over the lines a couple of times it goes to a really good black.

It’s fairly resistant to water too. It does run a little with tears but it wipes off really easily with the hand.

It works better when not blunt for some reason.

It retails for around £5 which is good for the product. I will buy this again once it runs out but it’s lasting a long time too.