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L’oreal Elvive Conditioner


This is L’oreal Elvive Damage Care Repairing Conditioner. I did a review a long while ago for the leave-in conditioner and it features in the ‘top products under £10’ category. This conditioner will too.

This is just a normal use conditioner but it makes my hair feel so soft. I don’t always buy shampoos and conditioners in a pair because I don’t think they work better but after having the leave-in conditioner for a while and recieving this conditioner as a gift, I went out the other day to buy the shampoo so that I can use the whole range together (Will update another time about the shampoo as yet to try).

It really did make my hair feel insanely soft and in SUCH good condition considering it’s long and bleached. Just wow. I’m definately going to buy this range of products again and again.

When looking for the price online, both Boots and Superdrug don’t have it on their websites. The other conditioners for L’oreal Elvive are around £3.79 for 400ml though so that’s an idea for you and at the moment in Boots they’re half price. I got my 400ml shampoo for less than the 250ml costs. I’d definately recommend this range of products for people who feel like their hair is dry and damaged. It’s fantastic!


Tangle Teezer


I have heard great things about a product called a Tangle Teezer so I asked for one for Christmas and got one in a purple glittery colour. I was already expecting this hairbrush to be epic and I was definately not disappointed.

The brush’s teeth flex at the tangles rather than dragging through them.

I have quite long hair and it’s a medium thickness as well as being bleached so I am always looking for new ways to make my hair care routine better.

Usually when I brush my hair, there is so much hair left in the brush afterwards which genuinely makes me feel sorry for myself. I also NEVER used to brush my hair when I got out of the shower until it was bone dry.

I tried this brush on dry hair first and it made it feel smoother and took out the knots without leaving half my head of hair on the brush. I had to show my boyfriend the brush because I was so surprised at how LITTLE came out of my head.

I’ve also used this on wet hair and wowza! Honestly! It glides through so well. I brush my hair into a ponytail most days and I like the smooth look and this definately helps me out with that. I can’t stop stroking my hair it feels so good.

I have this brush for when I’m at my partner’s house but I am going to have to get one for my house and one for my bag too because going back home to my old hairbrush feels rubbish haha, I’m addicted! You can buy ones that have a cover so that they’re protected when you’re out and about.

Honestly the best hair brush I’ve ever owned and I will never buy any other. This is the most impressive beauty product I’ve ever bought/tried/reviewed etc. It’s absolutely AMAZING. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I will rave about this product to everyone I chat with. Arghhh.

There’s a fair few colours you can get and they cost about £10 from Boots.

Thanks to Tangle Teezer for sending me a photo to use.



I recieved these Alterna products to try out and review. It came in a travel bag with a shampoo, conditioner, treatment oil and hairspray.

These products are from their Bamboo collection and the specific purpose for this set is for strong, smooth and frizz-free hair.

The treatment oil is said to be best for medium to thick hair as I’m guessing it’d be too heavy for thin hair. It can be used before washing hair or as a heat-protecting style product. I chose to use it as a treatment oil before washing my hair as my ends were insanely dry. It says to apply generously to dry hair and leave on for ten minutes and then wash hair as normal.

When I rinsed the oil off my hair I noticed straight away that my hair felt smoother. I followed the oil with their shampoo and conditioner and let my hair dry naturally.

Considering how dry my hair felt the day before, it improved the feel of it quite a lot, the ends of my hair felt less straw-like and the lengths were soft. Someone even asked me if I’d had my hair re-coloured. So it refreshed my hair to a noticable point which is nice :)!

These products use bamboo extract and kendi oil to help improve hair condition.

I used the hairspray a seperate time and it worked nicely. It kept my frizz down when my hair was tied back and lasted all day. It was also easy to brush out after too. Not sure about the humidity part as it’s not exactly humid here but it worked well enough as a normal hairspray.

I would definately buy the treatment oil for regular use but I’m not sure if I’d buy the shampoo and conditioner again as it’s fairly expensive but maybe I would treat myself to the products once in a while. I don’t use hairspray regularly enough to spend that amount on it but it is a good hairspray for those who use it often :)!

The RRPs are below:

250ml shampoo- £16.75

250ml conditioner-£16.75

50ml treatment oil- £19.75

250ml hairspray- £18.00

Boots Expert Shampoo


This is Boots Expert heat protection rich moisturising shampoo.

This shampoo lathers up fairly easily on my long hair but when I rinse it out it doesn’t feel like it’s all out. My hair doesn’t feel clean yet it stuck to my head like my hair does when it’s bleached dry. I wasn’t keen on how it felt in the shower but I conditioned my hair using a L’oreal conditioner which felt like it saved it again.

Once my hair had naturally dried it felt soft but I don’t know if it works as a heat protector because I don’t use electrical styling products at the moment due to my hair condition.

As far as ‘rich moisturising’ goes, I’m not keen on the result it gave. If it wasn’t for the L’oreal conditioner, it would have felt so dry.

It’s £2.03 for 300ml which is cheap but I don’t like the effect it had on my hair so I won’t be getting it again.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends


Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends is a split end protection cream which contains raspberry and silk extracts.

It’s a leave-in split end protection cream to be put on towel dried or dry hair.

I haven’t noticed any difference in my ends while using this. I should be getting a hair trim soon so then I’ll use it and I’ll find out if it helps prevent them rather than deals with current split ends.

It’s a creamy substance that rubs in well  and doesn’t make my hair feel greasy. I use other leave-in conditioning products in my hair and I don’t notice the difference between a normal leave-in conditioner and this split end cream.

Yet another gorgeous smelling product from Herbal Essences though!

It retails at around £5.10. I think next time I’ll just stick with my usual leave-in conditioner.

Vo5 Hot Oil


Vo5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil Treatment is a hair treatment for dry and damaged hair. The box comes with 4 tubes of the product. It’s supposed to moisturise hair and also protect it from future damage.

The directions say to put it on wet hair before shampooing and leave on for 1 minute. I did what the directions said and followed with shampoo and conditioner and my hair felt so soft when I let it dry. It shines and brushes through easily and doesn’t feel anywhere near as dry as it often does.

I don’t blowdry my hair and I rarely use curlers or straighteners. I just let it dry naturally. If you use electrical products on your hair you probably won’t notice as much softness as allowing it to dry naturally.

I have fairly long hair and I think one tube (15ml) was pushing it so next time I’ll use two tubes.

This retails at around £3.27 which I think is a fairly good price. I’ll be going through two tubes at a time though so I won’t buy it as regularly as I would if I only needed one tube per application.

Aussie Miracle Moist


Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Deep Conditioner are for dry/damaged hair which is what I’d say I have.

The shampoo firstly, lathers well and smells lovely. When I rinsed it off, my hair did feel softer so I was really looking forward to the deep conditioner!

I put the conditioner on and left it on for 5-10 minutes. I don’t often put conditioner near or onto my roots but I concentrate a lot on the ends and lengths then put the left overs onto my roots. Normally when I rinse a deep conditioner out of my hair I can already feel how soft it’s turned. With this though I was quite disappointed. It felt as though I’d swapped the shampoo and conditioner around (which I double checked and hadn’t).

My hair didn’t feel any drier than before but it hardly felt softer.

I have previously reviewed another Aussie shampoo on 21st October and that one was much better.

A bottle of the shampoo costs around £3.99 and for the deep conditioner it’s around £4.99.