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Return of the Joely.


Hey everyone,

I’ve not posted for a few days but just want you all to know it won’t be long before I’m posting again. I’m working on something pretty good and I need to remember to keep updating here eeeek!
I also know that you may have been expecting some Xmas nail art and it never turned up. I thought I’d let you know that I did attempt some nail art but it didn’t turn out too well. Apparently the nail art brushes I paid a pound for don’t work so well 😉

I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll try something new with toothpicks which is what I used for my Halloween nail stuff. I’ll add a picture or two to show you how poop my Christmas nail art attempt was so that you all know I at least tried 😛


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all my readers!

I hope wherever you are and whatever you do that you have a great day. I hope it snows in England, white Christmas please.
Enjoy your time everyone :)!

Want to guest post on this blog?


If you’re interested in doing a guest post on this blog then email me and we’ll have a chat about what you want to do.

It does have to be something to do with beauty but I’m open to ideas surrounding that so contact me if you’re interested :)!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Changes to the blog


Hi all,

I’ve completed over two months of posting a review every single day (minus one day) and if you can count then that’s a lot of products!

As you can probably imagine, I’m beginning to run out of products but I want to keep posting as regularly as possible. So I’m no longer going to be posting one review each day. I intend to post a few times a week still. Two or three times a week which will give me a chance to still have products to review for you all.

ALSO. I’ll be making a website over Christmas which will hopefully be ready around New Year. So make sure to keep a look out for the post that tells you more!

I’m glad I’ve got a regular batch of readers and I enjoy reading and replying to your comments and hearing your feedback and opinions so keep at it everyone! :)!

I’ll be posting Christmas nail art soon as well :D! I’ll try to get some winter themed products to review for you too.

I may be posting a little less but the standard won’t change and I’ll try my best to keep things interesting!

Thanks for the support to everyone so far!


Animal testing


Today’s post comes in the form of a poll. I want to know whether it bothers you if a product is tested on animals or not.

I’m just curious 🙂

Have a good day everyone


Need everyone’s opinion :)


Since I do write this blog for the readers I want to know what YOU want to see more of. I’ll do what I can to increase the topic that has the most votes aswell as keeping a good variety on most posts. This might mean 2 posts on the same topic but different product (of course) each week rather than me trying to completely change the product and type each day as much as I can. I’ll take all votes into account and if only 1 person votes for a certain type, doesn’t mean you’ll never see this type posted again. It just means you might not see it as much for a bit while I try to up the posts on the winning topic.

The poll is open forever so if the amount of votes change then that’ll be reflected in the posts 🙂


UPDATE: The poll is now on the sidebar! Check it out!