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Mavala Matte Top Coat


This is the ‘Mavala color-matt top coat‘ which provides a velvety matt finish to any nail colour. This is said to be a fast drying top coat which gives a barrier against chipping and peeling nail polish.

I did enjoy trying this product out and will use it a lot in the future. I put it on top of my nail polish like I do with my usual top coat and it didn’t go on really smoothly unless I had waited a little longer than usual before applying the top coat. It doesn’t dry insanely fast but you can watch the effect happening as it dries slightly, however it doesn’t become dry and strong quickly.

The effect is pretty cool but I’m not sure I like it for normal use. It feels like it ‘cheapens’ the look of my polishes. I will definately use it in my nail art attempts though and in the photo with the pink polish you can see I did a french polish type effect with the matt coat along the top of my nail.

It can be bought from Amazon for about £10 which is a lot but it’s a really cool effect.


Return of the Joely.


Hey everyone,

I’ve not posted for a few days but just want you all to know it won’t be long before I’m posting again. I’m working on something pretty good and I need to remember to keep updating here eeeek!
I also know that you may have been expecting some Xmas nail art and it never turned up. I thought I’d let you know that I did attempt some nail art but it didn’t turn out too well. Apparently the nail art brushes I paid a pound for don’t work so well 😉

I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll try something new with toothpicks which is what I used for my Halloween nail stuff. I’ll add a picture or two to show you how poop my Christmas nail art attempt was so that you all know I at least tried 😛



My mum bought me four OPI polishes the other day and this is the first. It’s called ‘Blue my mind’

The photo included with this post shows the colour pretty much perfectly. It’s a lovely blue with a blue shimmer to it.

This took three coats to get it to a smooth, solid colour and took a while to dry. It does look awesome when it’s dry though. It lasted three days without getting chips at the end as I didn’t use a top coat. It’d last longer with a top coat.

I have wanted OPI for ages as the colours look so smooth and creamy and I still adore them. They do cost a lot though. Around £10 per bottle.

Make Up Academy


This is Make Up Academy nail polish in shade 14. The photo shows the colour pretty well.

This surprised me a lot. It’s a cheap range that I found in Superdrug so I wasn’t expecting much but I can’t resist trying different nail polishes. I put one coat on for the colour shown in the photo below!

They don’t have many colours in their range but I’m definately getting this colour again. I love it.

It’s only a small bottle of polish; 6.2ml but it’s only £1 so I reckon that’s pretty good :)!

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit


This is the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit in ‘Petit Couleur #3470’

There are two pens in this kit. A white tip pen and a sheer colour pen. You put the white tip on first, then follow with the sheer colour pen which makes the nails shiny as well as adding the little bit of colour.

I would advise you to wait a few minutes after doing the white tip before you use the sheer colour pen otherwise it streaks the white a little.

Both pens dry pretty quickly and they’re so beyond easy to use. It’s a great way to do a french manicure or pedicure if you want good results quickly.

I got mine from Ebay but after a quick search I found that it can be bought from several sites for around £3. I would definately buy it again 🙂

Frontcover Continued…..


This is every colour from the Frontcover Finger Print Metallic Nail Collection.

On the thumb is the gold glitter top coat which also (apparently) after three coats turns into a great solid gold. But on my thumb shows four coats. I’m really disappointed at how it turned out. Not a solid glitter gold at all.

On my index finger is sloe berry. This is three coats and it is a nice solid purple colour with a blue shimmer.

Middle finger is moonrock and is the same colour I showed on the preview the other day. It’s a sheer purple with a gold shimmer. This is three coats again which I do like but I don’t think I should have to apply 4 or 5 coats of polish for a good colour. It feels like such a waste.

My ring finger is my favourite colour. It’s called cadet blue and it’s lovely. The photo shows it well. It’s blue with a silver/blue shimmer. This was also three coats but the third was more of just to make sure than to actually provide a full layer.

My little finger has beetroot on it. This was only two coats and is a lovely deep red. I like I like.

My thumb on the lower photo is cupric which is a fairly sheer orange with a shimmer. This is three coats but has pretty much the same coverage as moonrock.

The last colour is on my index finger which is palevioletred (yep, no spaces) which is a pale purple with yet another shimmer.

The last finger is my middle finger with beetroot and the gold glitter top coat just to show you what the gold polish is meant for. I’m not keen on the gold glitter top coat.

As my preview post showed the other day, this box is £14 and can be found at Boots and Superdrug. Along with many other box sets from Frontcover. I think it’s a nice present for someone fairly young but I’m not keen on the covarage of most of the polishes nor the size of the lid which affects how well I can hold the brush.

Frontcover preview


This is one polish from the £14 box set by Frontcover which can be found at Boots. It contains seven polishes including a gold top coat.

This colour is called moonrock. It took three coats to get this colour. It’s a very sheer purple with a subtle gold shimmer.

The bottles are small and my issue with them was that they were fairly difficult to grip onto for applying the polish. I had difficulty using it and I don’t have large hands.

The colour is good but maybe a little too sheer for my liking. There is a base coat underneath but it didn’t really make the colour pop.

I’ll post the other polishes in the collection in two days. 🙂