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The Body Shop Body Butter


One of the Christmas products that The Body Shop is offering is the Spiced Vanilla Body Butter. It contains vanilla extract and Fair Trade cocoa butter.

It has a thick, smooth texture; definately like butter. I think it smells a little alcohol-y when you first put it on but then when it sinks in, it smells nice, however not like vanilla.

My hands felt the softest after using this product. My skin is going weirdly dry this winter for the first time so I’ll be using body moisturisers fairly often. My skin didn’t feel insanely soft but my hands did! Once the product absorbed it felt pretty good.

At full price I wouldn’t buy it. It’s £12.50 but I grabbed it when it was at half price. They’re also doing an offer at the shop near me where it’s £1 if you spend £12.50. Also on the site they’re selling the body butter and the shower gel for £12.50. So it’s difficult to want to buy it at full price since the constant offers show me it’s fairly over-priced usually.


Epic first guest post


Below is the first guest post, created by Pete from Evolution.Of.Insanity

His posts give me a giggle and he’s adapted his humour into a kind-of review for Lynx Excite for the men. It’s a great post so read below and check out his blog!

Quirky Monkey Reviews have always been reviews about female beauty products, made by the lovely Joely Roely but I want to take a moment to try and open up to a wider demographic and hit the male audience for a second by talking a little bit about Lynx Deodorant, or Axe in other countries.

Not long ago the new Lynx Excite fragrance came out, with the tag line, “Even Angel’s Will Fall”. An obvious marketing ploy, coupled with this television advert:

It makes you believe that if you spray yourself with this deodorant, angel’s will literally fall out of the sky, causing all sorts of mischief on the way down and causing damage to property.

We all knew this to be false of course, what deodorant could possibly achieve this?

I felt so disappointed when Lynx Dark Temptation came out, the advert lead me to believe that I’d turn to a chocolate man and I’d have many women sniff me and eat my chocolatey ears, but alas no such thing happened, the best I got was one of my mates telling me I smelt nice, which is something one bloke should not be saying to another bloke.

And while most of their adverts depict a lot of women chasing after you when you spray yourself with any of their fine fragrances, it has never happened for me or anyone I know.

Feeling safe from angel’s I bought the new Lynx Excite the next time I was in Boots, it normally retails for a price of £2.95 with a three for two offer in Boots however, should you go to somewhere like Wilkinson’s it can work out a lot cheaper.

I took this product home, I mean don’t get me wrong, I was in there for other things too, I didn’t make the special effort to go and buy some deodorant. I took the deodorant out of the plastic bag and took a spray, I basked in the flavours touching my nose, it was probably their best one yet.

But that’s when everything started to go wrong, I could hear loud thunder outside, “it’s okay” I thought, “it’s winter, it’s bound to happen.”

Then something hit the roof of my house, I could hear more and more bangs, almost earthquake like, I looked outside and things were falling out of the sky and you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it yourself but these things that were falling out of the sky were actual angel’s!

Obviously they don’t have any money to pay for the roof, I’d have to pay for that myself, it was fine, a few broken tiles, or at least that’s what I thought it was, until one of them landed on my car, flattening it with the extreme speed they hit it, I ran outside to shout at these pesky otherworldly creatures, but then they surrounded me, tore the halo’s from their heads and smashed them on the floor, then they molested me.

“Doesn’t sound so bad” you may think, well think again, because a molesting from former angel’s as I have now learnt does not pay for a new roof or a replacement car.

So for the smell and the molesting, it’s well worth the £2.95 but for your own sake, spray yourself in a wide open space away from your personal belongings because literally, Even Angels Will Fall.

Original Source Shower Gel


Original Source Chocolate and Mint shower gel is the most edible-smelling shower gel ever.

It does the job. It lathers well which means I don’t have to use loads. It smells scrumptious on my skin and when it rinses off the smell stays for a while too. Not for ages though, but enough 🙂

I don’t really know how else to review this product. It works and it smells awesome.

It’s only £2.20 for a 250ml bottle which is great. I’d definately buy it again.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter


Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter is a body butter which contains shea butter and aloe vera.

This is yet another product from Soap and Glory that smells so good. It’s fruity and sweet and absorbs really quickly which is great.

My skin felt soft and smelt yummy for a few hours afterwards.

A bonus that I don’t think I’ve pointed out yet about Soap and Glory products is that they’re not tested on animals.

I’m not sure what can make one body butter better than another but this one feels pretty nice.

For a 300ml tub, it costs about £10.21 which is quite steep but it’s worth it.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush


Soap and Glory Sugar Crush is a body exfoliator with brown sugar and macadamia grains. It has a refreshing lime and sweet smell which is tempting to eat (but don’t!).

I dip into the pot quite a few times while using it because it doesn’t spread very well. It just sort of sits. If I add more water then it spreads a bit easier but still not much. It has no lather.

It really scrubs though. It feels like a harsher scrub rather than a gentle exfoliant. Which for some is good but others not so good. For me though, I love it. It makes my skin feel a lot smoother and softer.

Washing the scrub off is a pain. It takes a while to get all of the grains off. They’re stubborn and tend to need to be directly sprayed onto with the shower head to get them all off rather than letting the water just run off with them.

It does feel like a luxurious product because of the smell and it’s a fairly big tub so it does last a while even if you do have to use a fair amount for the whole body. But I mainly use it on my legs so it’s lasting me ages.

This product is £8 for a 300ml tub. This isn’t cheap but it’s a nice product to treat yourself to when you feel like pampering. Another good product from Soap and Glory.

Soap and Glory Deluxe Body Smoothing Cream


Soap and Glory Deluxe Smoothing Cream is part of their ‘Spa’ range of products and this is a body moisturiser.

When I was looking for the RRP of this item I’ve not been able to find it so I’m not too sure if it’s been discontinued.

But I’ll comment on it anyway in case it can be found anywhere.

Firstly it smells gorgeous. It smells sweet and really edible… but it’s not! It contains cocoa butter, almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin-E and grapeseed oil.

It is a thick product and comes out of the tube quite slow. When the bottle isn’t as full it’s difficult to get product out.

The product applies well, absorbs fairly quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. Surprisingly though, I wouldn’t have thought that due to the thickness of the cream that I’d need to use much but a decent amount is needed to cover my skin so it wouldn’t last too long with regular use.

After using the product my skin smells amazing and it feels soft too. It says on the bottle that it’s a ‘special dry-skin formula’  but I wouldn’t say it makes my skin feel so soft that I would think it would help me if I had dry skin. I’d probably use a different product.

All in all this product is OK. For a body moisturiser that is described as a ‘deluxe body smoothing cream’ I’m not too impressed with the results. But it does make my skin somewhat softer than without the product.

Nivea Soft Moisture Cream


Nivea Soft Moisture Cream is a moisturiser which can be used on the face, body or hands. It contains jojoba oil to nourish and vitamin E to protect the skin. It is said to be quickly absorbed to leave skin soft, supple and invigorated. It’s also pH neutral and dermatologically approved.

This cream has a plain smell which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you want a moisturiser that has a scent then this isn’t for you.

The smell isn’t the main factor though. The quality of the moisturiser is pretty good. I used it on my hands and it made them feel velvety soft. It didn’t soak in particularly quickly but when it did it felt lovely. It made the rest of my skin feel soft too.

It felt too heavy for my face so I would use an alternative product for a face moisturiser.

This product retails at £6.02 for a 300ml pot which is a decent price. I could see that it could be used quite quickly though. But it does feel great on my skin so I would use it again.