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L’oreal Elvive Conditioner


This is L’oreal Elvive Damage Care Repairing Conditioner. I did a review a long while ago for the leave-in conditioner and it features in the ‘top products under £10’ category. This conditioner will too.

This is just a normal use conditioner but it makes my hair feel so soft. I don’t always buy shampoos and conditioners in a pair because I don’t think they work better but after having the leave-in conditioner for a while and recieving this conditioner as a gift, I went out the other day to buy the shampoo so that I can use the whole range together (Will update another time about the shampoo as yet to try).

It really did make my hair feel insanely soft and in SUCH good condition considering it’s long and bleached. Just wow. I’m definately going to buy this range of products again and again.

When looking for the price online, both Boots and Superdrug don’t have it on their websites. The other conditioners for L’oreal Elvive are around £3.79 for 400ml though so that’s an idea for you and at the moment in Boots they’re half price. I got my 400ml shampoo for less than the 250ml costs. I’d definately recommend this range of products for people who feel like their hair is dry and damaged. It’s fantastic!


Epic first guest post


Below is the first guest post, created by Pete from Evolution.Of.Insanity

His posts give me a giggle and he’s adapted his humour into a kind-of review for Lynx Excite for the men. It’s a great post so read below and check out his blog!

Quirky Monkey Reviews have always been reviews about female beauty products, made by the lovely Joely Roely but I want to take a moment to try and open up to a wider demographic and hit the male audience for a second by talking a little bit about Lynx Deodorant, or Axe in other countries.

Not long ago the new Lynx Excite fragrance came out, with the tag line, “Even Angel’s Will Fall”. An obvious marketing ploy, coupled with this television advert:

It makes you believe that if you spray yourself with this deodorant, angel’s will literally fall out of the sky, causing all sorts of mischief on the way down and causing damage to property.

We all knew this to be false of course, what deodorant could possibly achieve this?

I felt so disappointed when Lynx Dark Temptation came out, the advert lead me to believe that I’d turn to a chocolate man and I’d have many women sniff me and eat my chocolatey ears, but alas no such thing happened, the best I got was one of my mates telling me I smelt nice, which is something one bloke should not be saying to another bloke.

And while most of their adverts depict a lot of women chasing after you when you spray yourself with any of their fine fragrances, it has never happened for me or anyone I know.

Feeling safe from angel’s I bought the new Lynx Excite the next time I was in Boots, it normally retails for a price of £2.95 with a three for two offer in Boots however, should you go to somewhere like Wilkinson’s it can work out a lot cheaper.

I took this product home, I mean don’t get me wrong, I was in there for other things too, I didn’t make the special effort to go and buy some deodorant. I took the deodorant out of the plastic bag and took a spray, I basked in the flavours touching my nose, it was probably their best one yet.

But that’s when everything started to go wrong, I could hear loud thunder outside, “it’s okay” I thought, “it’s winter, it’s bound to happen.”

Then something hit the roof of my house, I could hear more and more bangs, almost earthquake like, I looked outside and things were falling out of the sky and you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it yourself but these things that were falling out of the sky were actual angel’s!

Obviously they don’t have any money to pay for the roof, I’d have to pay for that myself, it was fine, a few broken tiles, or at least that’s what I thought it was, until one of them landed on my car, flattening it with the extreme speed they hit it, I ran outside to shout at these pesky otherworldly creatures, but then they surrounded me, tore the halo’s from their heads and smashed them on the floor, then they molested me.

“Doesn’t sound so bad” you may think, well think again, because a molesting from former angel’s as I have now learnt does not pay for a new roof or a replacement car.

So for the smell and the molesting, it’s well worth the £2.95 but for your own sake, spray yourself in a wide open space away from your personal belongings because literally, Even Angels Will Fall.

Montagne Jeunesse


This is the new face masque from Montagne Jeunesse. It’s called very berry. It contains blueberry and cranberry juice, peach kernel oil and aloe vera which are there to moisturise, cleanse and refresh.

It’s suitable for most skin types. My skin type is sensitive with an oily chin. It did tingle on my cheeks where they are most sensitive but had no adverse effect on the rest of my skin.

The masque left my skin feeling like I had just put moisturiser on it, it felt soft and smooth. Actually it felt softer than when I put moisturiser on.

The masque is meant to be left on for 10-15 minutes. It was fairly easy to get off with a flannel and there was enough left in the sachet for one more use which is good!

This product has an RRP of £1.09 and I would buy this product again and again because of the way it left my skin feeling.

These products are not tested on animals and are also vegetarian approved. Pretty good eh?!

The Body Shop Lip Butter


This is The Body Shop lip butter in pink grapefruit. Other scents are; coconut, mango, sweet lemon and shea.

It smells so insanely edible, it’s awesome. It actually contain pink grapefruit seed oil which is probably why it smells so good. It’s quite a refreshing smell which lasts a while too and it’s nice to get a whiff of it every so often.

The texture is quite creamy and thick but fairly easy to get enough out.

The description of this product on The Body Shop website is that it ‘melts onto lips’ and this is pretty much true. It applies really nicely and adds a nice shine to my lips without being sticky. After a couple of applications in a row, my lips are soft but it’s not too noticable after just one application. But with regular use it works and is great.

This is £4 which is more than I would usually pay for a lip product but it does work nicely and smells great so I would buy it again.

Make Up Academy


This is Make Up Academy nail polish in shade 14. The photo shows the colour pretty well.

This surprised me a lot. It’s a cheap range that I found in Superdrug so I wasn’t expecting much but I can’t resist trying different nail polishes. I put one coat on for the colour shown in the photo below!

They don’t have many colours in their range but I’m definately getting this colour again. I love it.

It’s only a small bottle of polish; 6.2ml but it’s only £1 so I reckon that’s pretty good :)!

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit


This is the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit in ‘Petit Couleur #3470’

There are two pens in this kit. A white tip pen and a sheer colour pen. You put the white tip on first, then follow with the sheer colour pen which makes the nails shiny as well as adding the little bit of colour.

I would advise you to wait a few minutes after doing the white tip before you use the sheer colour pen otherwise it streaks the white a little.

Both pens dry pretty quickly and they’re so beyond easy to use. It’s a great way to do a french manicure or pedicure if you want good results quickly.

I got mine from Ebay but after a quick search I found that it can be bought from several sites for around £3. I would definately buy it again 🙂

The Body Shop Solid Perfume


I bought a load of Body Shop products the other day as I’ve not yet reviewed any of their products on here.

This is Love Etc. Solid Perfume which has notes of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. I don’t really understand the concept of ‘notes’ but it does smell nice! It’s a delicate smell and I’d probably describe it as floral and girly.

The solid perfume is in a small heart shaped tin which is cute :)! It’s easy to get some from the tin and is creamy in consistency. It absorbs easily and leaves a lovely smell in it’s place.

I wore it the other day and the smell lasted a fair while and I’ve used it again today and I can still smell it after three hours. I have it in my bag and I’d gladly reapply it throughout the day.

I love the idea of a solid perfume but I’ve looked on the Body Shop website and they don’t have any others which is a shame.

This is £5 and I would gladly buy it again. It’s also GREAT for a stocking filler this time of year. I love it. If only they had other scents…